Possible applications for counter displays: the perfect advertising measure directly at the point of sale

Possible applications for counter displays: the perfect advertising measure directly at the point of sale

As a German display manufacturer, we produce counter displays custom-fit and customized to give your products the optimal attention with this sales display. learn more about this goods-carrying multi-talent.

The counter display is particularly suitable for selling small products and goods on the sales counter. The counter display encourages spontaneous purchases in particular. Newly introduced articles can be presented to the customer directly where the sale is concluded - i.e. in the checkout area. This makes the counter display an advertising space, eye-catcher and product carrier at the same time.

Functions and areas of application for counter displays

The most important function of the sales-promoting counter display is the marketing function. Above all, new products can be shown and presented to potential customers for the first time. Exactly where the customer inevitably ends his actual purchase: in the checkout or sales counter area. Here, the additional consultation directly at the point of sale can promote sales.

By adding toppers or dispensers, the advertising message can be brought further into focus and supplemented with flyers to take away. In contrast to large floor stands or dump bins, the counter display offers space for smaller products.

Products and goods for counter displays

  • Drink cans (new energy drink)
  • Cosmetics and care products
  • Writing materials
  • Foodstuffs such as spices
  • Medicines (e.g. nasal sprays)
  • Books, magazines

The list of small products for impulse buying from a counter display can be continued indefinitely. Due to the diverse range of goods, the area of application is also very different and wide-ranging. Wherever sales take place, a corrugated board display can be used on the counter area.

Possible uses of counter displays

  • Supermarkets (checkout area where the customer waits and lingers)
  • Petrol stations (after filling up, an impulse purchase at the checkout)
  • Pharmacies (from cough drops to vitamin tablets)
  • Kiosks

As different as the places for sales and the goods on offer are, as individual the counter displays can be designed and manufactured. We will be happy to advise you on the countless possibilities and develop your new sales display for the point of sale together with you.

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Inspirations for counter displays

Are you curious and would like to be inspired by display solutions for the counter area that we have already produced? You are welcome to take a look at our references for counter displays. Convince yourself of the many design possibilities.

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