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Decorative Advertising Displays: Original Spread of Your Brand Message

Purely advertising displays are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing – they transform everyday life into a visual experience. Whether in retail, pharmacies, or exhibition spaces, purely advertising displays are the key to directing customers’ attention to your products and brand messages while creating a positive brand perception.


Harness the Potential of Purely Advertising Displays

Whether for a promotional campaign or distributing essential informational material – with a purely advertising display, you can capture attention and strengthen your company’s brand identity.

Purely advertising displays range from small countertop stands to striking window decorations. You can use them to convey pure information or to conduct contests with ballot boxes or distribute flyers and more to customers via expandable dispensers.


The Benefits of Our Purely Advertising Displays

Our purely advertising displays are eye-catching directly at the Point of Sale, drawing customers’ attention to your brand message. They can be used in versatile ways and help spread your information successfully. Strengthen your brand awareness with a purely advertising display and utilize the advertising medium for promotions, contests, or product launches.

Due to the individual expandability of the displays, you have numerous design options tailored to your purposes and goals. Our purely advertising displays can be shipped flat-packed in space-saving individual packaging and can be easily assembled in retail with our practical assembly instructions.


Key Advantages at a Glance:

  • Environmentally friendly and regionally produced according to certified standards
  • Customized solutions for individual design
  • Made from sturdy corrugated cardboard and high-quality cardboard
  • 3D preview available before production
  • Individually packed flat by us upon request


The Right Display for Every Application

Our advertising displays are made from sustainable corrugated cardboard and are custom-designed to your specifications.


Discover Our Top Purely Advertising Displays:


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With our purely advertising displays, you have an effective advertising tool to promote your products and brand in a convincing manner and increase your sales. We look forward to assisting you in optimizing your sales strategy and achieving your goals together.

We are happy to advise you from conception to implementation of your new POS advertising material. Take a look at our solutions for custom packaging and merchandising displays to effectively market and safely transport your products.


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