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Together with you, we develop ideas and possibilities for innovative and functional displays

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Our sales staff will advise you on the development of the right display. Questions about the type of display and its suitability for the area of application are clarified.




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Our services for your display

The creative implementation of your display idea

Our designers create extraordinary displays and packaging according to your wishes, which put the sale of your products in the “right light” at the point of sale.

CAD-supported prototyping realizes your display idea and implements it cost-effectively. The development and construction of displays leads to the production of prototypes, so-called white samples, which are made available to customers before series production.

pod GmbH Services: CAD gestützter Musterbau
Lamination of cardboard on cardboard, cardboard on corrugated cardboard or also on solid cardboard

Our modern laminating system from Stock works precisely and, with its automatic feeder and stacker, is one of the fastest laminating systems. We laminate from a minimum format of 510 x 510 mm up to a maximum format of 1200 x 1620 mm or 1620 x 1200 mm. We are also happy to supplement your production with contract laminating.

pod GmbH Services: Kaschieranlage im Einsatz
Fast and in small quantities with our cutting plotter

Our Elitron cutting plotter is equipped with automatic sheet feeder and automatic sheet transport equipped. The production of small to medium runs is therefore possible without a punching tool, resulting in significant cost and time savings. On the newest member of our machine park two sheets with a material thickness of up to 20 mm in 120 x 162 cm format can be processed simultaneously.

pod GmbH Services: Schnellplotter
For the optimum appearance of packaging and displays

Flatbed die-cutters are essential in the production of corrugated cardboard packaging and displays, as they have a fundamental influence on the shape of the advertising material. Our die-cutter is equipped with a stripping station and blanking station in 6-piece format and works up to a format of 102 x 142 cm. It is complemented by a platen (120 x 162 cm) and a punching cylinder, which enables cost-effective production.

pod GmbH Services: Flachbettstanze
We solve every adhesion and bonding problem

Our gluing equipment, consisting of three drum gluing machines and a display gluing machine with an infeed width of up to 200 cm, enables us to solve any adhesion and bonding problem.

pod GmbH Services: Klebemaschine in der Fertigungshalle
We assemble and pack your displays and packaging by hand

Benefit from our service. We assemble your new displays and packaging at various manual workstations, pack them individually, put together decorative packages with your components, for example, set up displays and assemble them for fast and safe shipping to the desired location.

pod GmbH Services: Zwei Mitarbeiter konfektionieren von Hand
So that everything arrives at the right place at the right time

We are happy to take your deadlines into account when we receive your order and plan our transportation, storage and logistics services accordingly.

Our logistics center will ship your displays and packaging on time, either as individual shipments or as scheduled freight. So that everything arrives at the right place at the right time.

pod GmbH Services: Mehrere mit flachen Kartons beladene Paletten in der Lagerhalle

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